My husband and I went to Iwate prefecture

My husband and I went to Iwate prefecture by airplane to take pictures of a steam locomotive .
It was a three-day trip.
We left home at 5:40 in the evening. It was a one-hour –and –ten-minutes flight.
A middle-aged business man sitting down next to my husband gave my husband a nudge in the ribs.
The passenger wanted to put the armrest down but my husband’s elbow blocked his space. He used his legs to push my husband’s leg away.
They quarreled about the position of the armrest and I was scared to listen to their argument.
After arriving at the airport, we went to the rent-a-car counter.
We had to wait for the shuttle service. When a pickup bus came, my husband had gone the rest room.
The driver said to me, “ I can’t wait for your husband . I will pick you up in 20 minutes.”
After he returned to the counter, he took his anger out on me.
“Why didn’t they wait for me? They are very rude.”he said.
We checked into the hotel at 22:30. We ate a grilled beef tongue for dinner. It was served with rice, tail soup , and mustard pickles.
They were very tasty. I went to bed at midnight.

On the second day
At first we went to Iwate Safari Park . We looked at many animals such as lions, tigers, giraffes, ostriches, zebras, and water buffaloes.
We crossed the gate by bus.
We could touch the animals. Except for the tigers and lions. The giraffes and lamas were very friendly.
I really had fun there.
Next we had a leisurely river boat trip in the Geibi Valley.
I could see clearly right to the bottom of the river in the valley. It was a peaceful river.
The boatman rowed our boat with 50 passengers. That’s a tough job.
I could relax while seeing a beautiful scenery.
We ate a bowl of rice topped with fresh seafood for lunch.
For dinner we ate spaghetti and pizza .
I had a good time.

On the third day we took pictures of a steam locomotive with a lot of sunflowers.
It was very beautiful. Next we went to see rice paddy art which
expresses a pattern in paddy fields with leaves of various colors, such as yellow and red.
They are really amazing and
I took pictures of them. I arrived at home at 10:30 at night.
Though it was cloudy and rainy ,it was an enjoyable trip.