On the 6 th day, we woke up at 8:00.

On the 6 th day, we woke up at 8:00.
At first, we went to Kitsulano beach. It was a very nice quiet view.
Next, we went to University of British Colunbia to buy some souveniors.
I bought two notebooks printed in UBC logo mark.
Then we went to Lonsdale Quary Market for shopping.
It was in front of the Ferry harbour bound for North Vancouver.The atomosphere is very open and free.
After that we drove around the yale town and China town.
I saw a girl was injected with a drug by a man in China town .
It is a dangerous town with drug abuse. There are litters along the road. That are not safe.
Next we went to Vanvouver outlet mall. We bought a two shirts for Father’s Day gift.
We saw a Roamtic night view in Stanley park . I went to bed at 1:00.
I have a tiring day.

On the seventh day.
We left the shared house at 9:00am.
My flight was 12:45 pm bound for Nagoya.
Many kids whose mother is Japanese and got married with Canadian got in a plane.
They were very noisy. It was almost full.
I enjoye my trip.