On the second day , at first we went to Starbucks

On the second day , at first we went to Starbucks coffee Gear store . It was the first Starbucks shop in Seattle.
We went there at 8:30. The coffee was tasty. We looked at the history of the Starbucks.

Next we went to an Amazon book store. It was the same as an ordinary bookstore. I was disappointed.
Then we went to the Museum of Flight. All of the exhibition was written in English.
There were many airplanes and rockets.  It was fantastic.

After that, we went to the Costco to eat sample foods and Churros. The items for sale and prices were all most the same .

Then,we went to the King street station in Seattle to take pictures of the Amtrak.
It was about two times bigger than the Japanese train.
Finally we went to the Premium Outlet Mall Seattle for window shopping.
We bought some T-shirts. Our dinner was take out doughnuts and ham from Wallmart.
Everything was expensive in the United States.