I will be traveling to America soon.

I will be traveling to America soon. I am going to Vancouver in Canada and Seattle in America from June 7th to June 14th.
I am a bit nervous of crossing over the border between Canada and America.
If I am unable to cross, what should we do?
My husband is not very interested in this trip. He is not willing to prepare for the trip .
If it was related to taking pictures of the train, His attitude toward the trip would be totally different.

I went to the police to apply for an International driving permit last Thursday. It was not as crowded as I had imagined.
I showed my passport, domestic driver’s license , a picture and revenue stamp (2400 yen).
The permit was made of cardboard. The quality of the cardboard was not so good.

My husband and I are going to stay a kind of shared house for about 4 days in Vancouver. I called the Chinese owner to ask for details about the room.
We have to share two rooms with other tourists. We have a private bathroom , double bed and key. But we have to share the kitchen and living room with others.
We have to write a name on our juice and food in the fridge.The cleaning staff will only be cleaning the public area every day. There are no amenities such as soap, shampoo,rinse , towel or bath towel.
My husband is worried about trouble with others.

I downloaded traffic signs in America on the Internet. There are 120 unfamiliar signs.
I will take time to study them before leaving Japan.

I found an interesting website that is called “Travelocom”
Japanese people who live in Overseas share with Japanese tourists knowledge , experience, and ability .
However , the price is not reasonable. For example I am lonely , I would like to eat out with somebody in a delicious restaurant.

If I applied for the service “give company for dinner”. A Japanese staff member would make a reservation with a nice restaurant and I would have to pay the staff’s transportation fee, meals and his part time job fee,
It is 3000 yen per hour for a staff member to go to a souvenir shop to buy what I need instead of me.
Some use this service to enjoy themselves.
If my languages skills get better, I would like to register for this kind of website.