I went to my father’s house for a meeting on May 1

I went to my father’s house for a meeting on May 15th.
Including the care manager , nurse, caregiver, social worker , physical therapist , my father and me , a total of 10 people attended the meeting.
It was held at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
I went there at 1:45 to clean my father’s living room. He said to me . “Go away. The meeting is none of your business.”
He still has a grudge against me. I cancelled my father’s driver’s license after he had a brain stroke and sold his car in February.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a good care plan for my father to live comfortable.
The conclusions of our meetings were

1. My father goes to day care center three times a week for rehabilitation of his paralyzed right side of the body.
He will pay for it using a nursing insurance. The price is very reasonable and there is a pick up service.
However, if he use his disabled medical insurance , it is free of charge. He has to go there by himself.
He insisted on going a day care center by a scooter . However,if it rains, it can be dangerous.
We explained that there are no special merits to use the medical insurance.
My father does not understand the fact.

2 The care giver visits his house to do household chores such as cooking, cleaning and shopping.

3. To install a hand railings on the stairs. It costs 2000 yen.

4. To return the rented electric bed to the nursing home at the end of June.

My father hates me. I would like to disown him as a daughter.