I booked a Canadian bed and breakfast.

I booked a Canadian bed and breakfast.
The cancellation fee is free of charge until May 28th,
but after cancelling the hotel , the cancellation fee was charged to my credit card . It was 50000 yen.
I was angry .
I called the booking.com customer center to look for the reason and get a refund.
I called the owner of the hotel. She said to me, “ I am really sorry. It was my mistake. I charged different people’s deposits to your credit card several times.
It will take about a month to get my refund. I am worried whether it will be refunded or not.
I have one problem after another.

When I bit an ice cube, my upper right back tooth broke and my filling came out. I had a slight toothache.
I called the dentist to schedule an appointment. I went to the dentist at 3 :30 in the afternoon on May 12th.
A dentist said to me, “Your back tooth was split into two pieces. There is no choice but to pull out the back tooth, and install a dental bridge.”
I was shocked to hear that.
He put me under anesthesia and pulled out my back tooth.
It was a little painful. I lost a tooth.
My gums were swollen and festered. It will take time to heal . It was the first time in 27 years that a dentist had to to pull out one of my teeth.
I took a painkiller.
I have to go to Canada in June without a back tooth. I have a bad luck.