Last Saturday when I called my father on the phon

Last Saturday when I called my father on the phone, my younger sister told me , my father felled on his arm while riding an electric tricycle. The ambulance would be coming to his house in 5 minutes. It was 4:45 in the afternoon.
My father ‘s right side of the body is paralyzed because of the brain stroke.
I was really surprised to hear that. I was at my husband’s aunt house far from my hometown at that time.
I asked my sister to let me know the result of my father’s injury later. She didn't call me for a few hours.
I called my younger sister at 9 o`clock at night. My father was already asleep at home . She told me he doesn’t need to go to the hospital again. He didn't break a leg. He just cut his right arm a little . It was not serious.
I was relieved to hear that.
Next day I really worried about him and called him . He said to me, “My damage is a small matter .By the way , Your 7 clothes case in the Japanese room is very offensive to my eyes. If you
don’t take them back in 5 days, I will throw them away.” After returning his driver’s license to the police to avoid the car accident , he hates my personal belongings .
My husband suggested that I take them back right away . I carried 7 clothes cases from upstairs to the entrance hall. My father didn't help me at all.
He was busy watching a baseball game on TV. I said to him,” Where were you injured? Are you Ok? “. He said to me, “It is none of your business. “". He looks ok.
There was a small band-aid on his right hand. Except for that he is very fine. I think he must have called the ambulance instead of the taxi.
I really hate his attitude towards me.
After returning home. I had to classify three types of clothes.
1. If it is M or L that is too small size or too old design , It will be thrown in the recyclable waste.
2. I will give to my mother- in-law.
3.I will keep them in my wardrobe.

It took about 6 hours to classify and tidy up them.
There were many dresses which I wore in my single days.
I have a muscular pain. That is my father’s harassment .
I had a tiring weekend.