.After taking an English lesson last Tuesday

.After taking an English lesson last Tuesday I went to my father’s house to celebrate his 72nd birthday
I gave him his favorite pure rice sake and long underpants.He said to me, “Thank you very much.”
As soon as he thanked to me , he remembered the incident that I took him to the police to stop his illegal driving.
I forced him to return his driving license to the police.
He was still mad at me. He said to me, “Why did you come to my house ? Why your sake gift is such a small bottle? I need a big bottle of sake.
You are really stingy.”
I was very disappointed.
I was supposed to meet his care manager in front of his house at 15:00.
However, a care manager and his favorite caregiver came at 15:15.
Before they came, I moved to from his living room to the entrance hall to protect myself against his abuse.
He was smiling to his caregiver. On the other hand , he insulted the other care giver and me for about 30 minutes by calling us bitches.
He said to us, “I can’t drive a car. Why do you make fun of my taking away my driver’s license?”
We left his home at 15:45.
It was an awful day for me.
I will not celebrate his birthday anymore.

I am going to Germany from March 17th to March 22nd to take pictures of steam locomotives.
We are going to Werningrode and Frankfurt.
It will be snowing. It is a small village in the countryside near the Berlin so that almost all local people don’t speak English.
I don’t speak German. While my husband takes pictures of steam locomotives, I would like to go to the castle by bicycle.
I don’t have enough preparation time. To be honest, I am very nervous about this trip.