I went to Hokkaido

My husband and I went to Hokkaido for sightseeing from February 24th to February 27th.
My father-in-law picked us up at 17:00 and took us to the airport.
We had a dinner at a sushi restaurant.
It was really tasty.
We arrived at the hotel at 21:00. It was minus 3 degrees.
My husband’s favorite steam locomotive was broken.
I was very lucky.
I fed up with taking pictures of steam locomotive.
I went to bed at 23:00.

On the second day
We went to Kushiro by airplane.
It took about 45 minutes. At first, we went to Kokutai temple, where the Chinese movie “If you are the one” was filmed in 2009.
It is a very old temple . It covered with snow.
I didn’t have enough stamina to go up to the 500 steps.
I took pictures of the entrance and left.
Next, we went to Ochiishi cape to take pictures of a local train with sunset.
We had to walk the steep and snow-covered mountain trail about an hour.
I was really tired. I was buried up to me knees in snow.
A strong wind disturbed my walking.
My muscles were very sore.
I saw an ice drift , deer and seagull today.
I had a good day.