Last Wednesday I was supposed to see my father at

Last Wednesday I was supposed to see my father at the hospital . I went there by car.
His appointment was at 9 :30 in the morning.
He called my mobile phone at 9:25. He couldn’t come to the hospital to see a doctor because the taxi he called had not arrived yet.
I was really disappointed. I wondered if he was making an excuse . He really didn't want to come to the hospital.
I saw a doctor. I explained the reason why he did not come that day. The doctor wrote a prescription. I made an appointment to see the doctor in March. I asked the doctor to issue a medical certificate for his driving test.
I didn’t have Father’s health insurance card . I had to pay the medical fee at my own expenses. It was quite expensive.
If he were with me , the medical charges would be waived. I have to go to the hospital with my father again to get a refund for the medical charge.
After that I went to my father’s house to give him the prescription. Father never apologized to me. I really hate his arrogant attitude.
I suggested for him to buy a new mobile phone. If he shows his physical disability certificate, he can get a new mobile phone at a 50% discount. However, he didn't listen to what I had said.

I am going to visit my father’s house to next Monday to have a meeting about a housing renovation. I hope we will come to an agreement on the estimated cost.

Last Sunday, my husband and I went to a department store to look for a gift for my aunt’s 80th birthday. She runs a manufacturing company.
She is picky at everything. We went to Takashimaya. We could not find a nice sweater or a compact microwave for her.
Next we went to an Hermes shop in Mitukoshi. I remember she likes to wear hats. Hats are really expensive. There were fabric hats and leather hats. If I give her a cheep one, she might go back to shop and ask for a refund . We decided to buy a black leather hat for her. There were hats of various sizes in stock. It costs 1500 dollars. I hope she will like this hat