Last Thursday my husband’s colleague didn’t show

Last Thursday my husband’s colleague didn’t show up at work. His name is Toshiyuki . Toshiyuki is 53 years old and my husband’s cousin.
My husband was worried about him and asked his mother whether he overslept or not.
She found he drowned in the bathtub. Toshiyuki was dead in the bathtub for 2 days.
Police checked the drowned body to see whether or not it was an accident .

The reason of his death was ischemic cardiomyopathy. It is a kind of heart attack.
Toshiyuki suffered from diabetes for a long time . He is sensitive to cold. He set the water temperature at 46 degrees Celsius in the bathtub.
The difference of between the outdoor temperature and the water temperature in the bathtub caused him to have a heart attack.
My husband attended his cousin’s funeral.
He was originally supposed to go to Hokkaido with his friends for traveling last Friday and Saturday.
He had to cancel the trip. The cancellation fee was 30000 yen.
It was a miserable last weekend.

My father is paralyzed on the right side of the body because of a stroke.
He went to a gas station by car to fill his car with petrol。 It was too risky.
The doctor told him not to drive a car. Automobile insurance doesn’t compensate accidents because it could be illegal.
If he hits somebody , I have to pay for it.
The doctor said he doesn’t want to be my father’s doctor anymore because my father is arrogant and selfish.
I understand doctor’s point of view. If he hit somebody and the victim sued me for damages, I have to pay compensation for the damage.
I asked the police what to do.
The police officer told me “ you should take your father’s medical certificate and go to the Aichi prefecture testing center for driving test for counseling.
I will take him there in February. If if is okay for my father to drive a car, we will fix his car. For example, I would like to change his accelerator and brakes from right to left.
My father’s attitude gives me a headache.