Last Thursday at 10:00 I realized I lost the home

Last Thursday at 10:00 I realized I lost the home key.
It was 30 minutes before the appointment at the clinic. I was upset and didin’t know what to do. I checked my bag and pocket, but there was no key.
I decided to go to the clinic without locking the door.
I went to an Orthopedic clinic to see a doctor.
I had a slight pain in my right chest since January 4th.
When I breathe, I feel a pain . I think I could be sleeping in an awkward position and wake up with a neck in my chest.
I took an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test, It took about 40 minutes.
I fastened the body belt at the bed and a machine was 30cm above my head. I would like to take a nap. However, the sound of the machine was a little noisy and
I was really wondering whether a thief might sneak into my house to steal something.
After taking the MRI, a doctor said to me, “Your 6th rib was broken and your Intercostal muscle was injured. ”
I was really surprised to hear that. I have been coughing for about a month. Coughing caused the rib’s stress fracture.
I would like to check my bone mineral density.
I have to go to the clinic twice a month to check my rib fracture. It will be healed in two months.
I was really disappointed about my bone.
After returning home, I found the door key in the shoes. I was really relieved. I am too forgetful. That is a serious problem.

Last Saturday was my 22nd wedding anniversary.
My husband and his friends went to Chiba Prefecture to take his favorite pictures of a steam locomotive.

So, Last Friday we celebrated our wedding anniversary beforehand.
He gave me a new Chinese electric dictionary . However, I didn't prepare anything for him. He asked me , Where was my present?”many times. We went to the supermarket Marusu to do some shopping. We were supposed to eat a grilled steak at a restaurant.
He found some reasonable beef on sale at the Marus shopping center. He said to me , “Let’s grill this beef at home to save money”
Myhusband cooked the beef very well, but it didn’t create a romantic atmosphere. Our dessert was Yogurt.
My wedding anniversary was so so!