my mother-in-law wants to break things off with

My husband told me my mother-in-law wants to break things off with my sister-in-law .

I am really surprised to hear that. There seems to be a complicated story.

My mother-in-law bought a second-hand condominium for my brother- in –law in 2011.
it cost 22,000,000 yen at that time.

My brother-in-law Mituru is 46 years old . His wife Makiko is 48 years old. Their daughter is 4 years old this year.
Makiko ( my sister- in-law) was fed up with living in that condominium. Makiko sold that condominium for 17,000,000 yen.

Makiko bought a new house for 37,000,000 yen with a 30-year housing loan.
Their housing loan is 20,000,000 yen. In 30 years , they will about 80 years old.

Makiko told me she bought a new house for her daughter’s future prospects.

My mother-in-law is afraid that Makiko might not be able to pay her debt and will go bankrupt.

Mituru’s( my brother-in-law )job is a worker in a home for elderly people.
Makiko has a part-time job in Nagoya city hall.

I think her decision is a bit strange.
If I were her, I would like to save for my daughter's education fund as much as possible.

Two weeks ago Makiko had a car accident.
She dozed off while driving .She strayed into the passing lane . Her car was hit by the car behind.
I think she is very carelessness and might have a mental problem.

If she gains weight , she might meet a pervert. so ,she get and stay in shape.
The way of her thinking is a little funny for me.