On the second day we went to Qijing island by ship

On the second day we went to Qijing island by ship. There were fish markets and a light house.
It was raining . We took a walk for a while and returned to the hotel.
Next we went to dragon tower by bus. There were dragon tower and a tiger tower. We went up from a dragon tower to a tiger tower to purify our past.
There were some animal tower. I don’t know the reason why there are so many animal shaped buildings.

Then we took a bullet train to go to see Tainan city.
We went to Xikanlou. It is a red brick castle that Dutch built in 1653.
Taiwan was occupied by Dutch at that time.
It was really beautiful.
After that we went to Hayashi department store. Prices were quite expensive.
It was an old and historical department store.
We ate Mos Burger for dinner. It was good.
We traveled by bullet train , bus and subway.
It is reasonable.
We didn’t take a taxi. People are very friendly. I would like to go there again.
People are very friendly.
I had a good trip.