One of my classmate's sons is 24 years old.

One of my classmate's sons is 24 years old.
After graduating at the university , he has worked at the hospital as a dietitian for two years.
After that he suddenly resigned and applied to the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers without asking his parents permission.
Last summer he went to Papua New Guinea to give nutrition and health guidance at the hospital.
The nutrition of babies and small children was lacking.
He teaches mothers to pay attention to their ideal nutrition balance and to cook recipes with local ingredients.
His mother wants to go there to see her son. However, Her English speech is still not good.
She studies English very hard .I hope their dream will come true.

My Chinese teacher introduces me an interesting application for smart phone.
It was a beauty cam and camera 360.
When I selfie, The application help me to reduce my wrinkles and get a white skin.
I enjoyed playing with this application for an hour.
My father was disgusted with me. He said to me “You are too old to edit your face.”
My Chinese friends love to selfie using these kinds of applications . Sometimes their pictures and real faces were very different .
I will take some pictures using this application for fun in Taiwan .

昨天我用美顏相機的軟件拍照自己的臉。 看起來那帮我我漂亮。 我很開心玩兒的遊戲。