On the fourth day in Shanghai

On the fourth day
My husband caught a cold. He had a slight fever, no appetite. I wondered whether we would stay longerat the hotel until check out time.
He told me “Let’s go to sightseeing.”
We went to qibao laojie to look for a Chinese tea for souvenir. Luckily we found a reasonable wulong tea. 6 packs cost70 Yuan.
Next we went to a Chinese museum where the Shanghai World Expo’s exhibition was being displayed . But his condition was getting worse and we just took pictures of the outside and
went back to the hotel.
I was really disappointed . My lunch was hamburger in Mac. He looked really pale.
I returned home at 22:30.
If he had a good condition and if our trip had not been on a Chinese new year season, our trip would have been better.
I had a good trip.