On the third day

On the third day we went to Suzhou city by express train.
It ran about 300km/h.
It took about 40 minutes from Shanghai to Suzhou city.
It was allowed for us to stay at 15 minutes in the plat home before the train come.
He didn’t take pictures of trains as much as he likes. He was really disappointed.
We arrived at Suzhou at 9:00.
First we went to Zhuozheng Yuan that is recognized as a world heritage.
There were a big garden with big temple . I could see a plum blossoms .
It was really beautiful.
There were too many people to walk around smoothly. Chinese people visited there for sightseeing.
Next we hang around in Shangtanjie.
There were an old street along the canal.
We walked while eating something.
I was very tired. I wanted to go silk museum . However it was closed when we were arrived.
We decided to change our train schedule and go back to Shanghai.
We arrived at Shanghai at 20:00.
We walked 26000 steps . We went to bed at midnight.