My husband and I went to China

My husband and I went to China to celebrate our 21st Wedding anniversary. It was a 3 nights 4 days trip.
We left home at 13:00.
We arrived at Shanghai at 18:00 p.m.
It wasn’t that cold . 15 degrees.
On my way home to the hotel, my Chinese friends called me and chatted for a while .
My husband was angry with me . He wanted me not to speak with Chinese friend during the trip.
We arrived at Shanghai city central youth hotel at 20:00.
Almost all of the guests were foreighers between 18 and 30 years old.
All of the Chinese staff had English nicknames.
There was a western restaurant and bar on the first floor.
It looked as if I were in the United States.
There were shopping malls near the youth hotel,but many restaurants and shopping centers were closed because of Chinese New Year holiday.
Staff returned to their hometowns to spend the Chinese New Year.
I ate fried rice for dinner. It cost 200 yuan .It wasn’t very tasty . I went to bed at midnight.